AnyKey brings your data to life

Your #1 asset is the information in your systems. Is your team getting the most out of that asset?

AnyKey solves challenges that prevent you from getting the most out of your data assets.

Whether that means you need to up your business intelligence game, are planning to modernize your data systems infrastructure, considering a migration to Microsoft SQL Server, need to cleanup "dirty" data in line of business systems, integrate your legacy applications to work on modern (secure) database systems, or are shifting to a cloud-based model, AnyKey has solutions for you.

Fast Facts

  • Incorporated: September 24, 1997.
  • Aboriginal-owned Canadian Private Corporation.
  • Annual Revenues, under $10m CAD.
  • Staff compliment: under a dozen long-term staff and consultants throughout USA and Canada, 80+ at overseas NOC.
  • Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Operates out of:
    • Calgary, AB,
    • Vancouver, BC,
    • Tampa, FL.
  • Countries we've done work in: 10
  • Continents we've done work on: 3
  • Main technical service areas: Data Platform (IoT, SQL Server & Power BI), Application Development

What's in a name?

The original concept behind the AnyKey name was from that popular computer message, "press any key to continue."

In the old world of PC computing, before Windows, there was DOS where everything had to be typed to get the computer to do things. Back in those days, software tended to take a lot of time to process information. Once it was done, the programmers didn't want you to miss the results scrolling off the screen, so they would make you press a key on your keyboard to acknowledge that you wanted the computer to "do more".

That's where the original "press any key to continue" phrase came into being. There was a popular Simpsons TV episode where Homer was looking for a literal"any" key on the keyboard. There never has been a "any" key. The phrase means "any ole key will do, just pick one".

When incorporating in 1997, we wanted a name that was catchy. We went with AnyKey Solutions because of these original reasons:

  • Experiment and learn new things about computers and what they can do.
  • Help people capture the vision of how computers can save time, money so they can do more with their day.
  • Enable people to get the most out of their technology investment.
  • Be a source of "intel" on what's out there to solve business problems.

Indeed, "Call AnyKey to Continue".