Investigating Azure IoT

Looking for more than theory?

AnyKey's team of IoT experts are standing by to build your IoT Proof of Concept (POC).

In just six short weeks our proven-path approach includes strategic business planning, business solution white-boarding, IoT POC design, implementation of live POC that is ready to scale upwards.

The true power of IoT for Enterprise comes from the homogenization of multiple data sets to produce new learning. Take real-time equipment performance IoT data sets and combine that with analytics of existing maintenance to craft new and more highly available industrial equipment -- minimize unscheduled down-time, improve returns on asset investments, and many more possibilities.

AnyKey's Azure IoT Quick Start programs are ideal for OEMs that manufacture commercial equipment, end-user organizations with 1000+ end-points, and anywhere in between.

Get started on Step 1 and Step 2 in your journey for the Internet of your Things today! Call AnyKey to Continue®.

  • AnyKey IoT Quick Start for Remote Monitoring - Leverage AnyKey's 19 years of ISO quality based I.T. and managed services practices for the monitoring of remote sites, assets and equipment.
  • AnyKey IoT Quick Start for Predictive Maintenance - Take advantage of nearly 2 decades worth of corporate expertise in data informatics, data sciences and business smarts to combine data from multiple departments to reveal new business opportunities through performance optimization.