There are two very good reasons to now reconsider Microsoft SQL Server instead of Oracle in your data warehouse:

  1. Gartner Research has placed Microsoft at the #1 position on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.
  2. Gartner also recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.
  3. Both reports are extremely potent industry validations. A common concern that we hear from customers with their Oracle investment is that the Oracle pricing model is overly complex and expensive. According to Microsoft, SQL Server's TCO is 1/10th that of Oracle -- but, prepare that with about a week of recommended sodium intake because that's at list and before all sorts of discounts in the real world. offer for customers of any Tier 1 database system (Oracle, DB2, etc).

    The highlights of this offer are:

    • You agree to convert from your current platform to SQL Server.
    • Microsoft gives you free licenses for the migration.
    • Microsoft will provide free training for your DBAs.
    • Microsoft will contribute additional funding for Partners like AnyKey to help you plan and execute your migration efforts.

    As you can expect, there are a few strings attached. Here are the main ones:

    • You will be required to buy a Software Assurance plan for the migrated licenses. This is still only a fraction of the cost to re-license your Oracle.

    For as long as the Microsoft offer is available, AnyKey will match dollar-for-dollar the Microsoft migration funding provided to you by Microsoft when AnyKey is the partner for the migration work. Under our AnyKey Solution Voucher program, AnyKey matches Microsoft investment funds to deliver an even more potent value proposition over other Microsoft Partners, and making it even more cost effective to migrate to SQL Server.

    Interested? Want to hear more about what others are doing to migrate from Oracle or DB2 to SQL Server?

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