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Microsoft has chosen Calgary-based AnyKey Solutions Ltd. as the latest Red Carpet Partner partner for Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) and Cortana Analytics and separately as an additional invitation into the Red Carpet for Power BI. They become one of the first dozen Canadian companies to participate in this program, and only one of a very small group to be invited into both programs.

The Red Carpet program is a worldwide invitation-only Microsoft program, which selects partners to be the ‘go to’ partners for IoT and BI solutions and services based upon the Microsoft Azure IoT and Microsoft Power BI platforms.

"Microsoft endeavors to deliver platforms like Azure to make ideas for business transformation possible," says Tim McKay, AnyKey CEO. "IoT and BI go hand in hand. With more information at your fingertips, quicker decisions can be made. IoT is all about collecting information, BI is all about consuming that data quicker so that new opportunities are identified and maximized and problems are prevented. Microsoft is providing the backbone of these solutions, and AnyKey Solutions as a Microsoft partner is bringing the know-how for Enterprise to deliver on those promises."

AnyKey is a long-time Microsoft partner and sees the opportunity to combine IoT and BI with industry-specific solutions to help companies solve their remote measurement and monitoring and automation challenges. Leaning on our SQL Server and managed services practices for I.T., AnyKey is building solutions that make it possible for regular business people to reduce decision cycles, reduce variability and volatility in the organization and de-risk the bottom line.

They are producing IoT "quick start", an accelerated 4-6 week consult, with organizations that know they need better information from their operations but need help connecting the dots. They also have a team to help with analysis of current Excel and database repository by delivering "One Day" dashboards in little as one day.

"Working closely with Microsoft and their teams has been very rewarding. We're able to bring solutions into the hands of our customers faster because we have the relationships and expertise to respond to even the toughest of challenges," McKay said. "We have always supported the entire Microsoft stack, but we're looking to the future now, and that future is the Internet of Things and we tell people that IoT is just a fancy way of saying 'decision making without the guesswork'."

Microsoft approached AnyKey to check them out as a potential IoT Red Carpet partner.

“Microsoft asked us whether we have done IoT work, and I laughed because I had literally finished a call with a company regarding IoT,” McKay said. “After discussing this amazing opportunity, our commitment to the Microsoft vision and our vision AnyKey has for enabling client solutions, Microsoft also enrolled us into the Microsoft Red Partner program for Power BI. I think we're on the right track.”

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